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PESCO Bill – Get Online Duplicate PESCO Bill

Check out PESCO Bill online at suigasbill.net. This is a free site where you can get a duplicate PESCO bill of WAPDA electricity. Here you can check the latest PESCO WAPDA invoice by entering the reference number. You can quickly view the billing amount and due date, as well as view the complete bill and print a copy or download the PESCO E-bill. To get your PESCO duplicate bill online, enter the 14-digits reference number below:


PESCO Duplicate Bill Online

This is a great way for Peshawar residents to check their PESCO electricity bills online here at suigasbill.net. The Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has established many power supply companies in Pakistan such as LESCO, FESCO, IESCO, MEPCO, GEPCO, etc., which supply electricity throughout Pakistan, and from all of these companies, PESCO is the company which supply and distribute the electricity to the Peshawar region.

 The Peshawar-based power utility distributes electricity to 2.6 million customers throughout Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Since the founding of PESCO, this power supply company has been performing flawlessly. Check your copy of your PESCO electricity bill online, another Pakistani electricity supplier, PESCO has also offered its customers the facility to check electricity online bills, and they can also keep a duplicate copy of the bill at home.

What is PESCO Bill?

PESCO stands for Peshawar Electricity Supplies Company. As the name suggests, it provides electricity to various areas of Peshawar. So the PESCO bill is the electricity bill for the consumers of Peshawar and other cities around Peshawar.

PESCO Jurisdiction

PESCOis divided into eight (08) circles with a total area of ​​1,204,621 ha. The territory in which PESCO operates is divided as follows:

  • Bannu circle.
  • Hazara-1 circle.
  • Hazara-2 circle.
  • Khyber circle.
  • Mardan circle.
  • Peshawar circle.
  • Swabi circle.
  • Swat circle.

PESCO Bill Requirements

To get a duplicate copy of the energy bill of PESCO, one must have the reference number. The reference number can be found on the old PESCO bill. PESCO bill cannot be check or download by CNIC or consumer name.

Check Online PESCO Bill

This is a great tool. In such stressful times, a person can easily get a duplicate bill if they lose their real electricity bill while staying at home. So take advantage of this service, just follow the link below and follow the instructions and get your electricity bill without any hassle. Check your WAPDA bill online with all energy companies.

How to get a duplicate Bill?

First, enter the 14 digits of the account reference number and click the “Check PESCO Bill” button. Bill description will be displayed, including the name & address of the consumer, bill amount, and due date. If you want a complete duplicate copy of the PESCO bill click on “View Complete Bill”. Finally, a duplicate of your bill is displayed on the screen of your system or Android. You can easily print a copy of your bill or download a PDF.

PESCO Bill Online Payments Options

How to pay your PESCO bill online. PESCO allows you to pay bills in several ways for your convenience. The user can pay the bill from anywhere, no matter where. They can pay from home, office, market, office, etc. In addition, customers can take advantage of offers through applications installed from the Play Store at their banks

. In addition, customers can pay their bills online through all commercial banks, all post offices, NADRA pickup points, EasyPisa, and one link. All of these methods allow you to identify the payment indicated on the invoice.

PESCO New Connection Application Online

PESCO offers a service that allows customers to apply for a new location upon a new connection. Information required to use a new Internet connection to the application. First, choose your connection type: commercial, agricultural, residential, or industrial. Second, identify the company and division. In addition, personal customer information and contact information are required.

Finally, attach some important documents like the CNIC, copy the title deed and click the button. Finally, a message appears on the screen stating that the request was successfully sent.

PESCO Bill Correction

If a client has any objection to the company’s services, the company and its team members are available to their dear clients. Visit your nearest customer services office for correction of your bill.

PESCO Bill Installments

If the electricity bill is more than your payment limits, you can apply for installments through PESCO customer services offices.

PESCO Working Hours

PESCO’s opening hours are from 9 am to 5 pm. The office will be open Monday through Friday with a two-hour break for Friday prayers. If a customer has a problem with Pesco‘s services, remember the schedule.

PESCO Contact Information


How to solve the low voltage problem in this area?

In this case, contact the conserned SDO and provide your home address. PESCO took action on the complaint shortly thereafter.

Is it possible of bill installments?

Yes, an installment plan can be made for those who have not paid their bills in the last two to three months. The score is equally divided into three parts. Unjustified payment by installments of the invoice or the current month of the invoice.

I want to open a store at home. I already have a domestic connection. Do I need to change my connection from domestic to commercial?

Yes, you need to change the connection for your convenience. You will have to pay for this Current account Materials used to change connections Security fees

What is FPA in PESCO Boll?

FPA is fuel price adjustment. This is a variable amount that can be added to your bill based on fluctuations in fuel prices.

Can I check old bill online?

No, this feature is not currently available online. But you can go to PESCO customer services to get a record of old bill.

What is PESCO Detection Bill (D-Bill)?

Detection bill is the bill sent by PESCO on following conditions:

  1. Thet of electricity
  2. Slow meter
  3. Change of tarrif
  4. Using domestic meter on commercial place

 How do I download PESCO bill?

Visit suigasbill.net/pesco-bill, enter the reference number to check your instant bill, then click on view complete bill and there you can download your PESCO Wapda e;ectricty bill for free.

Can I check Other duplicate Bills from suigasbill.net?

Yes you can get all utility bills from suigasbill.net like:

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