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FESCO Bill – Download FESCO Bill Duplicate online, print and view

Get FESCO Bill duplicate copy online. Are you in search of a FESCO bill? you can download, view or print your bill by just entering a 14-digit reference number provided by FESCO, printed on your WAPDA Electricity bill.

FESCO Bill Online

The FESCO (Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company) provides electricity to about 22 million consumers, aided by the electricity supply to Faisalabad. To obtain a duplicate FESCO Bill you have to enter a 14-digit reference number. It cannot be got by your CNIC or providing any other information.

FESCO Bill Reference Number

You need to know the reference number to find your WAPDA, FESCO Bill. The reference number is the unique id allotted to the consumers FESCO. Look at the below image to find where the reference number can be located.

fesco bill

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What is FESCO Bill?

FESCO stands for Faisalabad Electrical Supplies Company.  The total population of the Fesco region is over 26 million. Here are the regions where Fesco operates:

How do I check my Fesco Bill?

You can only check your Fesco bill online by entering the 14-digit reference number, which can be found on any old copy of the FESCO Bill.

Can I check my Fesco bill by meter number?

No, you cannot check it by meter number, CNIC number, name, or address. Currently, you need a reference number to get an online Fesco WAPDA electricity bill, otherwise, you can go to your nearest customer service office and request an invoice using the CNIC number or any other related document.

This site is efficient enough to check your last bill in March 2021. If you are looking for your checking account for June, 2024, then you have come to the right place. Just enter your reference number above and receive the latest Fesco invoice.

FESCO  tariff:

Fesco’s latest residential electrical connection prices for 2021:

A-1 Tariff for the general supply of residential.

Less than 5 kW for approved load Variable compensation of the maximum tariff category is applied (Rs / kW) Up to 50 units 2.00 ii 001 – 100 pcs. 5.79 iii 101-200 pcs 8.11 iv 201 – 300 units 10.20 v 301-700 units 17.60,000 Sixth: 700 units above 20.70.

For 5 kW or more  load

Peak – peak 21.60 15.63

FESCO Coverage area:

Fesco is responsible for the provision and maintenance of electrical services in the following areas.

  • Faisalabad
  • Sargodha
  • Mianwali
  • Khushab
  • Jang
  • Bhacker
  • Tuba Tek Singh
  • Chinyot

Therefore, if you are a resident of any of the cities in this list or any other village/city under the auspices of these regions, then you are a Fesco user and can get a duplicate WAPDA bill here.

Pay your Fesco bill

Once you receive your Fesco bill, you can pay online or offline, here you can pay with the following details:

Offline payment:

You can pay your Fesco bill at all commercial bank branches and post offices. A printed copy of the invoice is required for offline payment.

Pay online:

You can also pay bills online through any bank. You can get detailed information on online banking services at your bank branch, then download the banking app and pay bills easily. In addition to bank accounts, you can pay your Fesco electricity bill using EasyPay or JazzCash.

Fesco helpline Phone:

+92 (41) 9220184-9220229

Fax: +92 (41) 9220233

UAN No. 080066554

FESCO Bill Calculator

You can calculate your fesco bill. It is quite simply you just think how many units you already consumed and simply look up your meter reading and use the following method.

  • Unit is KW/H (KilloWattperHour)
  • So if we take an example
  • 35 Watts CFL daily for 16 hours then
  • 35W (CFL) x 16 Hours = 560 Watt/Hours = 0.56 Kilo Watt/Hours
  • Per Month = 0.56 x 30 days = Approximately 17 Kilo Watt/Hours
  • See you almost consume 17 Kilo Watt per Hours. But let you know electricity companies have different stages of usage and have different rates of such stages like an example shown below
  • 1-50 Units = Rs 3.56 / Unit
  • 51-100 Units = Rs. 4.8/Unit
  • 101-300 Units = Rs. 7.9 / Unit

Check also GEPCO Bill Calculator.


 Can I check my Fesco electricity bill by meter number or CNIC number?

No, you can just check the reference number. How to change the name on the Fesco WAPDA invoice? You can go to the nearest office and apply for a name change. The renaming process is the same as for a new connection.

What is FPA on the Fesco energy bill?

FPA stands for Fuel Price Adjustment. It is a system for controlling electricity tariffs based on fluctuations in fuel prices. The FPA price is linked to the fuel price for leased energy companies that generate electricity from crude oil, etc.

Where can I calculate my FESCO electricity bill?

Here you can calculate the approximate amount of the invoice.

Can I pay the invoice for Fesco services in installments?

You can visit your nearest customer services for applying installments.

How can I apply for a name change?

If you think your name is incorrect on your bill, you can go to the customer service office and submit your case.

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