Gepco Bill Calculator Online

Here is the GEPCO Bill calculator. You can calculate your electricity bill by entering your consumed units for the Month of May, 2024. Control your bill by finding the estimated bill of consumed units.

GEPCO Bill Calculator

Are you looking for an electricity bill calculator? So you are on the right website to find the GEPCO electricity bill. You may also get a duplicate GEPCO bill here.

GEPCO Tariff Guide

The GEPCO tariff is the rate of duties or taxes that consumers pay for electricity supplied by GEPCO. However, different users have to pay differently depending on their connection type, since the unit rates for each connection type are different.

GEPCO Price Per Unit

The unit price is the price of each unit you consumed. They are different for different types of connections. Variable compensation on unit prices differs significantly from the fees charged on commercial unit prices. The official GEPCO website provides a complete guide to pricing. This guide clearly mentions fixed fees, applicable variable fees, and standard variable fees for different types of connections.

  • If the meter reading is less than or equal to 100 units, it would cost 5.79 rupees per unit.
  • Meter reading between 101 and 200 would cost 8.11 per unit.
  • If the meter reading is between 201 and 300 units, then it would cost 10.20 per unit.
  • A meter reading between 301 and 700 would cost 17.60 per unit.
  • And if the meter reading is above 700 then it would cost 20.70 per unit

How to Count Units from Meter

As we all know, the electricity meters in Pakistan are taken manually. After all, it can be due to human error and other problems. Therefore, to avoid this problem, you must be able to calculate the meter reading yourself. You can easily do this by following this procedure.

GEPCO Meter Reading

Raed the electricity meter First of all, you must learn how to count the electricity units from the meter in order to calculate the electricity bill from the meter readings. Meter reading is indicated in kW. There are three types of meters:

Analog meter

Digital meter

Smart meter

Analog meters no more exist in GEPCO. Digital meter, this type of meter contains a series of numbers, some of which are highlighted in red. You must register a mobile number with a letter from left to right on the waiting list and not look at the number marked in red.

Smart meters: Again, you can write and read animated numbers from left to right. Smart meters also have some red numbers, often after a dot. You should ignore these numbers highlighted in red.

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