Pay SNGPL Bill – Payment Options of Sui Gas Bill

To provide free services, SNGPL has helped all valuable gas consumers pay their bills 24/7 through online channels.

  • Internet
  • Mobile banking
  • SNGPL mobile application
  • Using mobile apps like EasyPay, JazzCash, U Account, etc., in addition to other channels like
  • ATM
  • Rare booth
  • All scheduled banks
  • Public facilities / non-profit organizations

Payment option of SNGPL BILl

Check SNGPL Bill Online

How to Pay SNGPL Bills Online in Pakistan

Now that we know how to check gas bills online, let’s go over some of the easiest ways to pay them.

Internet and Mobile Banking

All leading commercial banks have provided online bill payment services to their registered customers.

The easiest and most popular way to pay gas bills on the Internet is online banking and mobile banking. Almost all commercial banks in Pakistan, HBL, UBL, and Standard Chartered Bank allow their customers to make online payments through their online and mobile banking services.

If you have already activated Internet banking, you will need to log in and select the Pay invoice option. Another way to do this is to download the mobile app from the bank where your account is located. Open the application on your smartphone and select the desired payment method. Enter Customer ID, Transaction Code and Reference Number to complete the online payment.

Sui gas Bill Links


Jazz Cash Mobile Account is one of the most popular online payment services in Pakistan that allows you to pay bills online and use e-wallets.

If you use Mobilink, you need to make arrangements to pay your gas bills online.

  • Step 1: dial # 786 *
  • Step 2. Select Bill Payment.
  • Step 3. Define the account type.
  • Step 4. Select a company.
  • Step 5. Enter the reference number.
  • Step 6. Review the transaction.
  • Step Seven: Enter MPIN for verification.

However, if you are not a Mobilink user, you can easily download the JazzCash mobile app and create an account by clicking Register. Then create an MPIN and select the type of invoice you want to pay with the company (SSGC or SNGPL) before adding your reference number. Confirm your details before clicking on the screen to complete the online payment.

Please note that JazzCash allows you to make the first three payments online every month for free. However, you will have to pay Rs 20 for each account of your 4th transaction. In addition, no more than 50,000 rupees for utilities are paid through this service.

Easy Money

EasyPay is another popular digital service provider in Pakistan that allows customers to pay their bills without any hassle.

To pay bills online, simply download the EasyPay app on your smartphone and create a new account. After registration, enter the service using the 5-digit code, select to open a new menu, and click “Pay invoice”. Select Gas and click your distribution company before entering the reference number. Be sure to check all your details such as due date and amount by clicking the “Pay Now” button before completing the transaction.

Other Gas Bills Payment Methods

The SSGC online bill payment methods described above are all other payment methods for fees:

  • Bank window
  • Bank Call Centers
  • ATM
  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • NADRA Electronic Services Department
  • Post Office

Meanwhile, SNGPL billing options include:

  • SNGPL mobile application
  • Bank window
  • ATM
  • NADRA Electronic Service Kiosk
  • Post Office

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