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SSGC Rates & Tarrif

The latest applicable slab wise rates per MMBTU and rates per SCM along with estimated bill on different slabs are as follow:

Slabs Rs./MMBTU Est. Rate / SCM Est. Bill Amount
Minimum Gas Charges 172.58  Fixed at  Rs. 230 per month
1st Slab upto 50 CMs 121.00 4.25  from Rs.230 to Rs.270 per month
2nd Slab upto 100 CMs 300.00 10.54  from Rs.280 to Rs.890 per month
3rd Slab upto 200 CMs 553.00 19.43  from Rs.1,280 to Rs.3,530 per month
4th Slab upto 300 CMs 738.00 25.93  from Rs.4,600 to Rs.7,600 per month
5th Slab upto 400 CMs 1,107.00 38.90  from Rs.9,170 to Rs.13,680 per month
6th Slab above 400 CMs 1,460.00 51.30  starting from Rs.18,290 per month

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*  SCM worked out on GCV 990 (BTU/SCF)

* As per OGRA notified tariff, the customer will get the benefit of the preceding one slab only.

* If the consumption during any billing month is less than a specified volume, the customer is billed on minimum charges. The minimum charges for each category of customers are also notified by OGRA.

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New SSGC Domestic Connection Application

The SNGPL has provided an opportunity for applicants to submit bids for the supply of domestic gas through its official website.

You no longer need to go to our office to order a gas connection for your home. Just click on the link above, fill in the required details and submit your application online. After confirming your data, you can issue a receipt and make it available via the same link. Please note that in order to order a gas connection you must be in SSGC’s existing gas distribution network and all data must be complete and accurate. In the event that any information is incomplete or contrary to the facts, your request may be rejected/canceled at any time.

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New SSGC Domestic Gas Connection For

However, if you don’t want to apply online fill out the following form and attach the necessary documents for acquiring a new SSGC connection at your home.

SSGC domestic form for new connection

Download SSGC New Connection Form PDF

Download SSGC Form PDF

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Check Online SSGC Duplicate Bill

If you’re looking for SSGC Duplicate Bill online, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can check your Sui Southern Gas Company bill or SSGC duplicate Bill for May, 2024 by adding the 10-digit consumer number. Not only can you check your bill, but you can also download and print your SSGC invoice from this website. Sui Southern Gas is a gas distributor company that was the first company in Pakistan to introduce the latest online duplicate bill technology.


SSGC Duplicate Bill Online

SSGC as the name suggests is the only gas distributor company in the southern areas of Pakistan ie.,  Sindh & Balochistan. Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) is a Large Listed Corporation (LSC) and is one of the leading integrated gas companies in Pakistan. The Pakistani government directly or indirectly owns a majority stake in the company. In addition to installing high and low-pressure transmission systems, the company is engaged in the delivery and distribution of natural gas.

In addition, booklets are distributed through SSGS along with gas bills. SSGC has also begun offering the Sui Southern Gas Bill online, expanding its services to entertain its end users. Checking SSGC invoices online is an easy task for Sui Gas customers. SSGC bills can be lost for a number of reasons. The courier may not receive it, and it may be lost by mistake. What if you do not have the required paperwork to pay your Sui Gas bill in Hyderabad, Karachi, or Larkan? In this case, SSGC allows its user to receive invoices online for free.

How To Check Online SSGC Bill?

  • Find 10 digit Consumer Number of your SSGC bill.

Where can I get my SSGC Consumer number (account ID)?

The biggest hurdle when browsing billing on the Internet is finding a 10-digit user number. The SNGPL customer number is a unique number that is assigned to each customer during the installation of the Sui Gas connection by SSGCL. The bill definition can be obtained monthly from the gas bill received from the department. Take a look at the image below:

SSGC Bill Consumer Number

  • Once you find the user number, enter it in the text box above and click the button.
  • A short description of your SSGCL bill will appear on the next page.
  • Press the button to view the full gas bill.
  • Print a duplicate SSGC invoice from the next page and pay the bill at any bank or online store like Jazz Cash.

 How to Pay SSGC Bill Online?

There are many options for choosing to pay SSGC bills. There are convenient and hassle-free steps. You can prioritize accordingly. SSGC facilitates payment in Karachi, Nawabshah, Hyderabad, Quetta, Ochka, or anywhere else. While in a specific area, you cannot use these resources to pay bills from Pakistan.

  • Mobile banking Contact bank call centers … the Internet Integrated Voice Response (IVR) GPO / NPO.
  • Retail Stores.
  • Kiosks are rare.
  • Bank ATMs
  • Usage Mobile applications

such as Jazz Cash, EasyPay, etc. can be used. … Almost all banks offer billing services. About Sui Southern Gas Company: Another name for Sui Southern Gas Company in Pakistan is Sui Gas Transmission Company Limited. You can check all payment options for SSGC bills.

However, the Karachi gas supply company was first established in 1955, and in March 1989 it was transformed into three specialized companies. The three companies are Karachi Gas Company Ltd., Indus Gas Company Ltd., and Sui Gas Transport Company Ltd.

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What is SSGC Bill?

The SSGCL transport system stretches across Baluchistan and Sindh provinces with more than 3,614 km of high-pressure pipelines with a diameter of 42 to 42 inches. Distribution activities in 1,200 cities in Sindh and Baluchistan are managed through its regional offices. In the 2015-16 fiscal year, approximately 38,384,979 million cubic feet of gas were sold to approximately 2.8 million industrial, commercial and residential customers in these regions through a distribution network of over 44,761 km. The company also owns and operates the country’s only gas meter plant with an annual production capacity of 356,000 meters per shift.


The company is governed by an independent board of directors of 11 members. The Managing Director / CEO is appointed by the Government of Pakistan and has delegated powers to the Board of Directors to effectively manage the company’s business.

SSGC Leading Gas Company

In addition, SSGC is the leading integrated gas company in Pakistan. This company is mainly engaged in the distribution and delivery of natural gas to the southern regions of our country. The southern parts include the cities of Sindh and Baluchistan, and they began from Baluchistan to Karachi in Sindh. In addition, the company is listed on the Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi stock exchanges. Later on January 11, 2016, it merged with the three cities on the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

SSGC New Connection Online

SSGC introduced the online application for new SSGC connections. Click the link for the complete procedure of SSGC New Connection.

SSGC Help Services

If you have any problems with Sui Southern Gas services and would like to file a complaint, please visit the head office. Alternatively, you can contact me at the contact details below. office address: ST4 / B Block 14, Sir Shah Sulaiman RD, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi Phone: 0092219902 1000 Email address: [email protected] or official website for more details.

Is the online payment of SSGC safe? Yes, the SGC billing system is safe and reliable. You do not need banknotes on hand. Make transactions through an ATM, mobile phone, or online banking system. In addition, with an online transaction, a receipt is issued confirming the payment.

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What is the billing cycle of SSGC?

The SSGC served the billing on 30 days basis to the customers according to OGRA instruction.

What is the billing basis of SSGC?

The bill is calculated by the tariff provided by the OGRA along with meter rent and taxes applicable like WHT and GST etc.

What are the minimum charges?

Minimum charges are billed to the customer when in any given month the volume is less than the specified volume.

What Is Pressure Correction Factor (PCF)?

The (PCF) Pressure Correction Factors are used to convert the gas volumes to the standard volume.

What is Meter Rent and Why is Charged in SSGC Billing?

The SSGC meter is installed on the premises of the customer is the property of SSGC. That’s why Rs.20 per month charged to the customer in every bill of SSGC.

Is There any Emergency Number Where Can I Contact?

For emergencies and complaints please contact SSGC call center 1199 available 24/7 for 365 days.

My gas connection was disconnected due to non-payment what to do now?

Contact any SSGC customer facilitation center (CFC) for restoration of gas supply and provide a copy of paid SSGC bill.

Duplicate Bills

Check and download the following duplicate bills on

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