New SSGC Domestic Connection Application

The SNGPL has provided an opportunity for applicants to submit bids for the supply of domestic gas through its official website.

You no longer need to go to our office to order a gas connection for your home. Just click on the link above, fill in the required details and submit your application online. After confirming your data, you can issue a receipt and make it available via the same link. Please note that in order to order a gas connection you must be in SSGC’s existing gas distribution network and all data must be complete and accurate. In the event that any information is incomplete or contrary to the facts, your request may be rejected/canceled at any time.

Check SSGC Duplicate Bill

New SSGC Domestic Gas Connection For

However, if you don’t want to apply online fill out the following form and attach the necessary documents for acquiring a new SSGC connection at your home.

SSGC domestic form for new connection

Download SSGC New Connection Form PDF

Download SSGC Form PDF

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